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The Uberspazzen's Journal
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Wednesday, January 17th, 2007
7:57 pm
Sorry, I was going through my pictures file and found it. I don't remember WHEN i saved it, but i still find it funny. n___________n

FURRIESCollapse )

Enjoy! :D

Current Mood: amused
Thursday, December 28th, 2006
12:00 am
We will own a bar...
... and it will be called the Adjective Noun.

[23:54] [Snowfox> If we ever open a bar, we should name it the Adjective Noun.
[23:54] [Kalini> YES!
[23:54] [Kitrona> We should.
[23:54] [Alcander> No, sometimes it's stuff like The Wavecrest Tavern or The Phoenix Tavern, though.
[23:54] [Kalini> I'll be the mancandy waiter.
[23:54] [Kitrona> Woohoo! Will you dance on the bar?
[23:54] [Alcander> But yes, The Adjective Noun would rock.
[23:54] [Kalini> DDR, maybe.
[23:54] [Kalini> We have a local place called the Groggy Frog.
[23:54] [Snowfox> No :P
[23:55] [Snowfox> No one but 12 wants to see me dance on a bar.
[23:55] [Kitrona> Nah, hip thrusts! (I meant Em, Snowy.)
[23:55] [Kalini> She said bar, not pole. XD
[23:55] [Kitrona> (We'll own it. He'll work there.)
[23:55] [Snowfox> Oh, okay XD
[23:55] [Kitrona> I can just see it. "Honey, I'm goin' to the Noun! See ya later!"
[23:55] [Kalini> XD
[23:56] [Kalini> The tips could be called verbs.
[23:56] [Kitrona> YES!
[23:56] [Kalini> The pictures on the wall? Past tense.
[23:56] [Kitrona> "Verbs are encouraned."
[23:56] [Kitrona> encouraged, even
[23:56] [Kalini> Upcoming events? Plus-perfect subjunctive.
[23:56] [Snowfox> Geekiest bar EVER.
[23:56] [Kalini> YES
[23:56] [Kitrona> <3
[23:57] [Kitrona> "Plus-perfect subjunctives: Wet t-shirt night, free entry if you show your slide rule"
[23:58] [Kalini> YES
[23:58] [Kalini> YES YES YES.
[23:58] [Kalini> Oh god this would be the best bar ever.
[23:58] [Snowfox> XD
[23:58] [Kalini> The menu would be the dictionary, the drinks would be Slang.
[23:58] [Kitrona> But of course. :)
[23:59] [Kalini> We win at geek.
[00:00] [Kitrona> We do. :)

Current Mood: amused
Thursday, December 7th, 2006
12:02 am
"Little-known fact about the Reavers: they have a great musical theater tradition!"

Current Mood: amused
Wednesday, December 6th, 2006
11:52 pm
Random quote time!
"It's like M C Escher ass!"

Current Mood: grossed-out and amused
Thursday, November 16th, 2006
4:29 pm
Uberspazz, uberspazzen, yay! My brain is not a car. Still.

How did y'all find your therapists/psychiatrists? I've got a list from my insurance company, but I don't know who to go with, who I'll like, who'll GET me. Help?

Also, am worried about my latest entry in my regular LJ. Opinions, feedback?
12:17 pm
The beginning...
Yes, that's right. We now have an absolutly pointless community, for those who have absolutly pointless minds. Not that we have no point, mind you. But simply put we have problems with daily functions that shouldn't be so problematic, but seem to take extronary ammounts of effort for completion. Emotionally, physically.. or just... mental.

This community serves no point other than to amuse our fragile little uberspazzen minds. So induldge, and spaz.
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